How to use the IPOD Classic and Mini?

I noticed some users need a refresher course on how to use the IPOD. Its very simple, you’ll be a pro in minutes. In this post, i’ll cover the basics of using an IPOD Classic. (I guess this will be similar to the mini too).

*I will not be covering the transferring of songs here, you can search for those instructions easily online. 1a

Step 1

On the right, you will see the Hold button and the earphone  jack. The earphone jack is where your 3.5mm earphone goes.

Mr. Hold button is our best friend, he will be helping us conserve battery power.

  • When the hold button is switched on, you will see a lock symbol appear on the screen.
  • When the hold button is on, this means that the buttons in the front of the iPod will not be accidentally pressed when its in your bag or pocket.
  • Thus conserving battery power

Step 2 2a

You can see in the picture the scroll wheel.

  • The scroll wheel helps you navigate up and down.
  • The menu button allows you to back up the menu, go backwards while you navigate
  • The forward and reverse is used to forward and back track the songs
  • The play and pause button is used to play a song, to pause it and also is the same button to shut down the iPod.
  • Holding the play/pause button for 2 seconds will turn it off. After you turn it off, remember to activate the hold button.

Step 3

I normally supply a third party cable for you to transfer and charge your IPod. If you have 3aan original cable, it will fit the best. They are the same 30-pin from your older iPhones and iPads.

Third party cables are usually too tight, so plug in slowly and it should get better over time.