Custom Build Ipods

4We get a lot of enquiries daily from Carousell asking if I repair IPODs? Help to change battery, SD Cards, Screens etc.? You can check with us for your problems.

We definitely proposed that you trade in your old iPods for one of our restored ones. Or we can custom build your dream Ipod.

How to Custom Build your IPOD? 

Step 1

Decide which generation you want? We work on the following generations:

  1. Generation 5 and 5.5
  2. Generation 6
  3. IPOD Mini

Also check with us if you want to customize any other Generations.

Step 2

Decide which color you want?ipod_video_modded_64gb_sdxc_gen_55_to_u2_design_rare_1484926552_65deaccf

  1. Select the front cover/Click Wheel/Click button colors
  2. Select the back cover color (Chrome or U2 design)
  3. Headphone jack/Connector color (usually white by default)

Surf around the site for some inspiration or check with us.

(The IPOD on the right started off as white and was given the U2 colors.)

Step 3

  1. What size of SDXC Card Hard Disk do you want? 64GB or 128GB or 200GB?
  2. We can do up to 1 TB or 512 GB also but do check with us on the stock availability

We will also change the battery by default, so just let us know the above 3 steps and we can provide you with a quote. You can also trade in your old ipods for this, check with us on the trade-in prices.