How to identify the sought after Gen 5.5?

A lot of customers asked me and I also noticed some sellers passing off other generations as Gen 5.5 just to make more money.

So I hope this guide will help you identify the famous Gen 5.5 IPOD classic.


Gen 5 or 5.5 looks the same

From this picture, you should be able to tell that its Generation 5.0 or Generation 5.5. they look the same externally. they come in both white/black or U2 versions. (Yes, U2 have version 5.5 too!)

Serial and Order Numbers

The last 3 digit of the serial number will end with one of these ” V9K, V9P, V9M, V9R, V9L, V9N, V9Q, V9S, WU9, WUA, WUB, WUC, or X3N.” For the U2 it will be W9G.

You can check the Serial Number when you power on the IPOD and select Settings>About> S/N:

Serial and Order number on the same screen.


Turn it behind printed on the back will be the serial number below:


Sometimes, the back cover gets replaced during repair, so the serial number isn’t matching.

You can also check the order number on the same screen as the serial number, its located just below. See the same picture above Settings>About>.

Generation 5.5 (AKA 5th Gen Enhanced) Order numbers below.



Gen 5.5 only came in 30GBb and 80GB, I would advice you to pick up the 30GB if you have a choice as the crystal cases and pvc cases available these days fits only the 30gb.

If you are fine without a case and don’t mind the bulkiness, its fine too. After all the 5.5 is a rare find and buyers mainly buy it for the audio quality.

Search function

The Gen 5.5 also came with the search feature. Its found below, select “Music>”.

This is unreliable, as I saw dishonest sellers passing off the Gen 6th as the 5.5 (Gen 6th came with the search too)

Search feature

If you are still unsure, then please buy your IPODS from reputable sellers to at least have a piece of mind. Or take a picture and email me, I’ll love to hear from you.