How to tell if my IPOD battery is still good?

Is there something wrong with my battery life?


Sometimes, I get customers asking why the battery drain out so quickly? Well, here at Ray’s Customs, all batteries are checked to last a minimum of 7 hours continuous play before it gets sold.

So before you panic and ask why does it run out quickly? Here’s a few things in the checklist.

  • Did you always put your IPOD on hold while not in use, to prevent accidental playing?
  • Did you manage to charge the IPOD fully?

What happens to the IPOD when the battery is about to drain completely?

  • The set will either turn off automatically or starts to reboot.
  • It reboots when you are low on battery and pressing the forward/backward button switching songs. (Menu button too)

Here’s the various charging and charged symbols for the different IPODs.

4th Generation Photo or Color IPOD


5th Generation IPOD


6th Generation IPOD


IPOD Mini and 4th gen non-color IPODs


All of the IPODs when fully charged will say charged.

Simple test:

  1. Charge it till you see the above symbol
  2. Play it continuously (See how long it last and if you are comfortable with the time?) We use a benchmark of 7 hours.

Top Tip:

I do advise to get your battery changed if it last lesser then 7 hours continuous play.