How do I turn off my IPOD Classic or Mini?

Here’s what you can do to turn it off (By default the IPOD should always be on standby mode)3

  • Press and hold the “Play/Pause” button. Wait until the display disappears.
  • Toggle the Hold switch. This is located on the top of the iPod. Turning Hold on will keep your iPod from accidentally turning on if a button is pressed. Toggle the switch again to turn the iPod back on. (Thus always in standby mode)
  • Sometimes by pressing the “Play/Pause” button doesn’t turn off the display.
    • You can try toggling the hold switch  or
    • You can play a song or switch a few songs before holding the “Play/Pause” button again
  • If the above still doesn’t work, do a reset to the IPOD. (This could be found in the Tips and Tricks Category)